Do you know how to explore the potential behind specific locations?

placeme provides insights about number of customers, competition presence, sales opportunities and many many more.

Make better business decision with just a few mouse clicks!


by avoiding investment mistakes


knowledge about your location and clients


more by adjusting your product offering


How placeme can help you?

Pick a location for your first business

Location is a key to your success. Gain new insights about potential locations for your investment and explore their potential. Do not rely solely on your gut feeling!

Expand your sales network

Do you want to grow your business and open new branches? Or are you a franchisee looking for new opportunities? Make sure that locations for your new units are the best possible fit.

Adjust offering to your clients

Get to know your customers’ demographics, earnings and habits. Is the address suitable for a bio food store, or would a convenience shop be a better fit? Know your clients and meet their expectations!

Monitor your area

Surrounding of your business evolves and changes rapidly. Be up-to-date and respond quickly! Monitor your location and learn about entering competitors, changing customer preferences and new premises for rent.

Optimize your netwrok’s coverage

Smart distribution of your sales network is a challenging task. Make sure that your branches’ coverage does not overlap and consequently does not compete for the same customers, leading to your sales cannibalization.

Optimize your supply chain and warehousing

Choose the best location for your manufacturing plant or warehouse – get to know the salesforce availability, cost of land, distance to main national roads as well as arrival times to specific locations.

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placeme is a good choice

Data and application integrated

We've integrated our application with various data sources so you don't have to worry about acquiring them.

Advanced algorithms

Find best locations to invest in, discover correlations, predict sales... and much more!

Tailored to your needs

We understand what you need to successful run your business. And that's exactly what you're going to find in our app.

Easy to use app

Even most complex calculations require just few mouse clicks

Results available in few mintues

You can get all results instantly, exactly when you need them most

Cost effective

Using placeme instead of alternatives will allow you to save up to 85% on project cost.

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